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Become an Alchemical Healer Webinar
A free webinar with Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy

Start Date: Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Time: 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. ET 

This Free Webinar introduces Alchemical Chinese Medicine and Healing, how it benefits both practitioners and clients, and the importance of Alchemical Self-Cultivation for practitioners. This Webinar is an introduction to the Master Alchemy Program series for Chinese Medicine practitioners and energy healers. 

The Alchemical Chinese Medicine approach incorporates an advanced understanding of the Five Elements and the Nine Palaces in conjunction with a number of clinical Alchemical applications.

The result of these treatments in patients is the transformation of stubborn and mysterious diseases (auto-immune, chronic Lyme, mental illness, congenital diseases, among others) through the release of blocks that result from trauma and long-term difficulties in life. The patients undergo a significant transformation that brings a greater understanding (and forgiveness) of their own temperament, motivations, and purpose so that they can fly in their lives.

While these treatments are available and often discussed as theoretical approaches, the incorporation of them into modern practice remains advanced and mysterious. In the Master Alchemy Program, Leta Herman takes a step-by-step approach to the practical application of these techniques.

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Leta Herman has spent the past 20 years dedicated to discovering better methods for healing deeper emotional and physical problems through Alchemy. From the beginning of her practice, she was determined to use Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements, the Nine Palaces and Alchemy not just for treatments but to help each client have a better understanding of themselves. This led to a deeper dive, learning from some of the best teachers in the world. Leta combines her knowledge and experience and has created ways to excel and thrive with the knowledge of Chinese Alchemy, The Five Elements, and The Nine Palaces of the Heart. 

Jaye McElroy uses these concepts in her Alchemical Life Strategy sessions to have deeper conversations with each client about how they understand of themselves and how they interact with the world. Jaye helps to teach not just to ask ourselves questions, but how to ask ourselves (and our clients) better questions. 

In this first Webinar, we will launch our Master Alchemy Program series and introduce you to these new methods of treatment, such as:

  • Sun SiMiao’s 13 Ghost Points – for PTSD, Trauma, and OCD
  • ​Ma DanYang’s 12 Starry Sky Points – for helping someone find their alignment
  • ​​The 9 Stages of Alchemy (based on Ge Hong’s theories as taught by Master Jeffrey Yuen) – a program of personal self-cultivation and enlightenment
  • T​he Grieving Treatment as taught by Master Jeffrey Yuen – for someone who is stuck in grieving (up to many years after the death of a loved one)
  • ​Healing Heart Pains as taught by Master Jeffrey Yuen – for loving yourself and healing addictions
  • ​J.R. Worsley’s Internal and External Devils/Dragons – for possession by Gui/Ghosts or emotions

This Webinar is an introduction to these concepts, which we will dive in deeper in the Master Alchemy Program. 

Our first Webinar is free to everyone and will be focused on the overall strategy. The rest of the series will be held in 2022 and 2023. 

We will email you a link for the webinar after you sign up.

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