• Do you want to understand the meridians, pulses, and points of Chinese Medicine?
  • Do you want to learn how to clear energetic blocks in your massage therapy or alternative medicine practice?
  • ​Are you interested in studying Alchemy to become an Alchemical Practitioner but don't have a Chinese Medicine background?

For just $5 you can get full access to our 
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The Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine Study Group
This small study group meets several times a month in Northampton, MA with Leta Herman. Each session, we will cover some basic concepts such as meridians and point location, the functions of each meridian system, general indications for points, and much more. We will focus on teaching the basics of Chinese Medicine for yourself, your practice, or in preparation for the Master Alchemy Program or the Master Alchemy Healers Program if you don't have a background in Chinese Medicine. 

This study group was designed by Leta & Jaye for three purposes. 
  • Many of our Cupping and Gua Sha students and alternative healers are interested in adding Chinese Medicine and Acupressure to their already existing massage or energywork practice, this class would be an AWESOME addition to anyone's healing toolkit!
  • Another reason is to teach some basics that a person would need to know about Chinese Medicine in order to study Alchemical Healing. Those who complete this class will be eligible to apply to study in our Alchemical Healing program with the Alchemy Learning Center. 
  • Lifelong learners and many Alchemy Healing Center clients have enjoyed learning points and techniques that can help themselves and their families. This class will provide a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone who enjoys self-healing and on-going care for their families.

Start your journey here...

Study with Leta ... 

Leta created this study group as a prerequisite for Alchemy studies with her for non-Chinese Medicine practitioners. If you are not currently an acupuncturist and wish to study Alchemy with Leta, this class was created for you!

You may want to join this study group to prepare to study Alchemy. Leta has been practicing for over 20 years and has developed a unique Alchemy practice that includes the Nine Stages of Alchemy, the Thirteen Ghost Points, the Heart Pains treatment, the Starry Sky Points, the Stuck Grieving treatments and the Internal and External Dragons. 

Learn to maintain your own health on a regular basis. Learn to clear your own blocks, balance the left and right sides of your body, and learn to monitor your own pulses and tongue diagnosis. These are techniques Leta uses on herself everyday for optimal health and teaches clients and students all the time. In addition, really delve into understanding the meridians on your own body and on your clients.

Adding Chinese Medicine concepts to make your practice, could make your practice more robust and increase your value to your clients.

Leta Herman

Leta considers herself a lifelong learner and loves to take on big challenges. Teaching Alchemy is a joy and is a driving force in her current work. 
Leta has sought out some the world's leading teachers in everything from Plant Spirit Medicine, The Five Elements, The Ghost Points, Acupressure, Chinese Medicine and Alchemy. 
Leta is the author or several books on Chinese Medicine. Her latest book, Born Perfect: A transformational Alchemy journey... is due out late 2020

She is also the co-host of the Inspired Action Podcast.


Here are some of the interesting, powerful, and life-changing things that you are going to be doing with this group.  
The top important things we will be exploring together:
  • The pathways of the Meridians and how energy flows throughout the body
  • How to take pulses
  • What a practitioner needs to know about the Five Elements
  • The 12 Officials (the functions of the organs that are associated with the 12 Meridians)
  • ​The Six Substances - including the different types of qi and the importance of blood
  • ​The different kinds of Acupressure points and the uses of key points
  • ​Moxibustion - why and how to
  • ​Treating Chaotic Energy
  • ​Treating Energy blocks in the Meridians and balancing Left/Right Imbalances
  • ​and more...

Fundamentals in Chinese Medicine Study Group

As part of the study group, we will be adapting and growing based on those who join us. Some possibilities may include:
  • ​Handouts, exercises and more to support your learning experience
  • ​Fundamentals Class monthly Live Q&A with Leta in our Private Zoom Room
  • ​Our new online the Understand Nine Palaces Course (regularly $288) - this is required learning for the Fundamentals Class
  • One Year of Membership to Alchemy Learning Center to "gift" to a friend for free ($106 value)
  • ​Thursday nights The Big Q&A Group Livestream (another place to ask questions on a variety of topics and a place to meet other members in the Alchemy Learning Center)
  • Releasing Chaotic Energy online class - this is required learning for the Fundamentals Class
  • ​Introduction To Alchemical Meditations Program
  • ​Curated Inspired Action Podcasts for Easy Listening
  • ​A Manual of Acupuncture subscription (for point location) - more details on this coming soon
  • ​15% Student Discount in the Alchemy Learning Center store for all ALC items and more
  • ​Future discounts to Alchemy Learning Center Classes
  • ​Early access to join the waitlist for the Master Alchemy Program or the Master Alchemy Healers Program in 2021
  • ​First to get the Alchemy Learning Center App when it's completed
  • ​and more...We are continually adding to the Alchemy Learning Center

Alchemy Learning Center Certificate of Completion 
provided upon completion of the program.


Total Price $3500 for Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine Class 

One Payment with Early Bird Discount of $505 = Final Price $2995     

Payment Plan with Early Bird Discount $491 per month.
($491 a month for six months plus the $250 deposit = $3200) 

ALL Early bird discounts must applied before September 1.  

STARTING: December 2022

 Live in-person session will be held in Northampton, MA

 There may be Zoom lectures with replays (based on participant needs)

 Live attendance is required for point location, pulse-taking, and moxibustion

 Monthly work-at-home assignments from each weekend will be given

 Weekly Supervised StudyPods for support of all students

 Private Fundamentals Group monthly live ZoomRoom sessions Q&A's with Leta

 All students will receive 6 months FREE membership into the all new Alchemy Learning Center Membership Site!


ALL Times are EST. These events will be Livestreamed or Zoom Inside your Alchemy Learning Center Portal. We will send out instructions for these events. 

September 12th 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
 - Saturday Class Launch - Livestream 3 Hour Lecture  (replay available but please try to make this class)

Thursday September 17th 8:15 p.m.
-Group Zoom Q&A and Pod Assignments (attendance required)

February 28th 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
- Final Class Workshop- Livestream 3 hour  (replay available but please try to make this class)

Please Note- these  times/days may change or be altered if needed. All times are EST.


December 1, 2022
 - The Pericardium Channel

- The Heart Channel

- The Functions of the Pericardium and Heart Channels

 - The Spleen Channel
Month 1 - September (Launch day September 12th)
- Overview of class, what you will learn, and how it pertains to Alchemy
- Intro to the Meridians and Pulses
- Lung and Large Intestine Meridians
- Homework: watch Five Elements and Nine Palaces online classes
Month 2 - The Five Elements (October)
- Importance of understanding the Five Elements (as a practitioner and for your clients)
- An energetic evaluation (color, sound of voice, odor, emotion (CSOE), movement of walk, eyes, etc)
- Sheng and Ke cycles - for Alchemy this is important for understanding relationship of parents to you or your second Element to your first
- Five Element treatment theory (brief introduction to theory to Worsley theory) (used for Follow-Up treatments - how to be more authentically YOU)
- Stomach and Spleen meridians
- Next level of pulse-taking
Homework: Watch Releasing Chaotic Energy class
Month 3 - The 12 Officials/Organs (ZangFu) - (November)
-Introduction to the ZangFu Officials/Organs
-Functions of 12 Officials
-Six Substances (Qi, blood, etc.)
-Types of qi: Wei, Ying, Yuan
-Heart, Small Intestine & beginning of Bladder Meridians
-Pulse taking - next level
Month 4 - Introduction to the Meridians - (December)
-What are meridians?
-Qi flow through Primary meridians (Lung to Liver)
-Order and direction of circulation (24 hour cycle)
-Six Division Pairings (taiyang, shaoyang, yangming, etc.)
-Point Energetics 
-Bladder continued and Kidney Meridians
-Pulse taking - next level - feeling blocks
-Treating Blocks - Entry/Exit points
Month 5 - Assessment (evaluation/examination) -  (January)
-Physical examination
-Pulses diagnosis - Blocks, Akabanes (left/right imbalances), Pulse qualities, Possession, 3 levels of pulses
-Tongue diagnosis
-Five element CSOE
-Treating Blocks - Entry/Exit points
-Treating Akabanes
-Pericardium, Triple Heater, Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians
Month 6 - Alchemy Treatment Strategies and Techniques - (February)
February 28th 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. - Final Livestream Workshop
-"Needle" Actions
-Alchemy Contraindications
-Integration of techniques
-Assessment and evaluation
-Possible treatment strategies
-Crafting a treatment
-Ren Mai and Du Mai meridians
Shadowing and Alchemy Treatments
It is recommended to have a Ghost Point treatment, a Heart Pains Treatment, an Alchemy strategy session, and a Stage 1 of Alchemy during this time if you wish to proceed with the Master Alchemy Healers Program. This will give you a head start on the Alchemy program and is highly recommended by Leta. 

It is recommended to shadow treatments (as is permitted by COVID-19 regulations) at Alchemy Healing Center in Massachusetts. When the current restrictions are lifted, we can schedule shadowing visits. We are discussing alternatives for 2021. 
Curriculum Subject to Change
We plan to stick to the curriculum, however, we will make amendments as necessary based on the pace of the class and the needs of the students.

Join Us!

 The Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine Study Group requests 
a deposit of $250 register.

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