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Are you ready to embrace 
 in your life?
After years of sharing Alchemy with some amazing individuals and fantastic teaching groups, we've decided to create a Master Alchemy Program for a small group of (will-be) Alchemists that will not only start your Alchemical journey, but illuminate a clear path for the rest of your life to begin.
This is an active, immersion, I-Am-Ready-to-Do-the-Work, life-changing, identity-shifting, permission-to-be-yourself kind of program. We have many components that we will share and teach with you. 

If you feel like this is YOUR time, and You are ready to free yourself from the chains, barriers, and boxes that you live in (or help your clients fly in their lives)... then let's talk - together.
This MAP program is Application only. 
  • 13 Ghost Points Treatment - Half Day Treatment plus Stage One of Alchemy follow-up in Northampton, MA
  • Life Strategy Discover Session - Half Day Strategy Session in Northampton, MA plus One hour Zoom follow-up
  • Weekly Group Zoom Conferences - Deep dive into the topic of the week
  • Weekly Assignments - Inspired Action Insight assignments 
  • Daily Self-Cultivation Habits / Rituals
  • Daily Alchemical Transformational Journaling and Meditations
  • Bi-Weekly, One-on-One Zoom Sessions with Leta or Jaye 
  • Monthly Workshops (live-streamed or in-person)
  • Direct Access to Jaye and Leta (via Voxer App) for questions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Accountability Partner
  • Live, in-person October Retreat
  • and more...
"are you ready to become an alchemist in your own life? " 
Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy
We are Leta and Jaye, and We LOVE life.  We also love to talk about Alchemy. So much so, we have a podcast about it called "Inspired Action."  For many years we have taught the Five Elements, The 9 Palaces, Alchemy, The Thirteen Ghost Points and other ancient Chinese Philosophies. 

Leta is an Alchemist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Teacher, and Shaman. Over the past 20 years, she has studied with a number of very prominent Five Element and Classical Chinese Medicine practitioners. She currently travels the world and studies with Master Jeffrey Yuen (88th generation Daoist Priest and Chinese Medicine Master.)

Jaye is an Alchemist, Alchemical Life Strategist, Author, and Artist. She previously owned and operated a creative media agency for over 20 years before starting Inspired Action, Inc.

They've joined forces to bring together two critical pieces to the success of this program -- Alchemy and Life Strategy Coaching.
Three Tracks - One Journey
The Master Alchemy Program has three tracks: 
  • Alchemical Healers - If you currently have a Chinese Medicine (or related practice), this Program will start you on an Alchemical Healer's Journey.
  • Alchemical Life Strategists - If you are currently a Life Coach, Counselor, Therapist, Teacher, or Mentor or someone who wants to pursue a Life Strategist Practice, this Program will start you on your journey to becoming a successful Alchemical Life Strategist.
  • Alchemical Self-Cultivators - If you desire to do this Program for your self-cultivation, you will travel in the Alchemical Life Strategist track where you will learn how to thrive - not just survive in your life. 
The Program
We are Including everything you will  need to THRIVE in this program. (We will be adding more BONUS surprises as we go! ) 

For 2019 only, we're offering a first-year discount to The Master Alchemy Program. This year's tuition will be scaled to each individual's needs. 

MAP Program Tuition: $15,000
Special "Early Bird" Special: $11,111
(until February 1st)
Here are some of the highlights:
  • 13 Ghost Point Treatment & First Stage of Alchemy Session in Northampton, MA* - Required - Half Day Treatment plus Stage One of Alchemy follow-up in Northampton, MA 
  • Life Strategy Discovery Session and Follow-up in Northampton, MA* - Required - Half Day Strategy Session in Northampton, MA plus One hour Zoom follow-up
  • Private 1-hour one-on-one Strategy Sessions (one per month via Zoom)*
  • Monthly Weekend Livestream Immersion Classes (see different tracks below)*
  • Weekly Group Rendezvous - Deep dive into the topic of the week*
  • Weekly Inspired Action Assignments*
  • Daily Self-Cultivation Habits / Rituals PDF's
  • Access to all Inspired Action Premium On-line content
  • Private Facebook Group for "All-In" Students only*
  • Journaling system - Daily Alchemical Transformational Journaling and Meditation Downloads*
  • Copies of all our Books, PDF's and more... 
  • Individualized Fitness, Nutrition, Life Strategy Plans & Options 
  • Inspired Action Swag! 
  • Accountability Partner
  • Direct Private Access to Leta and Jaye for questions via Voxer App
  • The Inspired Action Transformational-Motivational-Inspirational-Recreational LIVE Retreat October 25, 26, and 27 2019 in the US (most-likely New England Area) (includes Retreat Tuition, Meals, and Workshop Supplies. Transportation and hotel are not included)
* are Required Action Items for Participation in this Program.
Estimated Total Value for the entire program is over $41,500  

We can discuss the various options we have available 
(monthly payment plans, partial scholarships) in your Application Interview. Discounts are possible if you've already worked recently with either Jaye or Leta.
There will be ONE work scholarship awarded for this 2019 Program. 
This position will serve as an Admin Assistant to us for this Program.

All accepted members of the Program are expected to fully complete their 13 Ghost Points and Alchemical Discovery Sessions in Northampton, MA by the End of February. If you have been working with Leta or Jaye, you may have already met this requirement. We will discuss this in your Application Interview. 
What Inspires You, Inspires Us... Join Us On this Magical Journey in 2019.
Limited Spots, this is an Application Only Program. We will contact you to schedule a follow-up Zoom session (next week) to see if we are a good match.
"When your Heart applies itself, you'll discover your true Intent and your true Passion. Only then will all beings be at your service to aide you on your life's journey. You can find your deep, inner knowing, and this is where the secret to flying in your life springs from."
                                              --Leta Herman
We started a wait list for 2020...
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